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------------ O-Rings ------------
  Explore our standard and custom-designed solution O-rings.

Rubber seals and rubber gaskets are moulded in a range of high specification materials to meet demanding sealing applications including extreme temperatures and chemically aggressive environments.

  Standard and Non-standard O-ring sizes  
  A comprehensive range of standard O-rings are available at any time and we accomodate non-standard O-ring sizes to meet customer requests, providing cost effective solutions and a responsive service.  
  High performance O-rings  
  Special materials are available with performance characteristics that meet high temperature, high pressure and aggressive chemical applications.

The O-rings can be used in semiconductor, food, dairy and pharmaceutical sectors. A variety of elastomer material grades are produced in accordance with many international requirements.
  Door Seals and Slit Valve Gates  
  A range of profiles that maximize sealing integrity and life expectancy for bonded and non-bonded slit valve gates fitted with SPECIAL seals. These gates maximize wafer yields and PM cycles by utilising particular elastomers. Custom service is also provided.  
  Centering Ring/Adaptors (KF/ISO/NW Flange Couplings)  
  Centering adaptors can be combined with any material grade and are available in both Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Trapped centering adaptors are available on request.
  Pipe gaskets/seals for pipe clamps and pipe couplings  
  Pipe gaskets/seals are specifically designed to meet the needs of pipe coupling and pipe clamps in food, beverage and pharmaceutical process lines.

Engineered to deliver optimal chemical resistance to meet the requirements of aseptic conditions, CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilization-in-place) processes. These provide excellent long-term sealing performance, therefore extending planned maintenance intervals and minimizing downtime.

Seals are manufactured to several size standards of pipe clamps and are supplied with full manufacturing batch traceability and certificates of conformity on request.