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------------ Biological Microscopes ------------
  We offer a wide range of biological microscopes with various accessories and characteristics which enables you to carry out professional work more easily with the latest technology.
  - Monocular
  - Binocular
  - Binocular and Trevocular
  - Binocular and Trevocular
  - Trinocular
Biovideo Microscope
  The microscope is equipped with a Video head provided of a TFT LCD colour monitor 6.4", with adjustable inclination.
The white balance function button ensures the greatest image accuracy reproduced on the monitor. Available output format: PAL or NTSC. An RCA Video output allows link with an external monitor and, on demand, a RCA-USB converter can allow the connection with a USB port of a computer. The Video Head can also easily be removed to allow the use of an optical binocular or trinocular head.